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CornerStone Catering is the Solution for Your Event

If you are celebrating an event that is important to you, a catering service should be the first thing you think about. The food has to be good enough to keep your guests happy.

Texas Border Business had the opportunity to meet with Roberto Ravelo, the owner of Corner Catering. His company is a valley-wide catering food service operation focusing monthly on social vents for school, hospitals, weddings, and quinceañeras.

Ravelo said, “We do have a variety of items on the menu, I call it an international menu.”

Ravelo has vast experience in the restaurant business. One advantage he has is that can customize menus for any occasion “That’s one of the things that make us unique” he said.

Cornerstone Catering has been in the business for over ten years and his professional service and delicious food has people recommending his service.

Ravelo pointed out that he has a catering teaching base location but that in some cases he has worked on three or four events on the same day. Currently he operates his business with four full-time staff members. He said, “I have two kitchen staff and two catering staff working full time, but when it is necessary I contract additional help to meet the requirement of my clients.”

Ravelo was born in Michoacán, Mexico and has been in the Valley for the last twelve years “I have been in the food industry for ten years.” His parents are Jesus Ravelo, who is 90 years old and Teresa Ravelo, who is 86. Ravelo gives thanks to God for his parents and that they are still in good health. He met and married Gabriela in Michoacan. “We have four children: Mariana, 9; Roberto, 5; Alejandro, 3; and Liceth almost 2 month” he said.


I love the food industry, it’s my passion. Every since I started it, it has always been inside of me. It’s something that I always thought about of doing someday. Then I got the opportunity to start it, and here I am.”

Ravelo and Cornerstone Catering are members of the different civic organization like the Edinburg Chamber and the McAllen Chamber of Commerce. I’m also a member of the South Texas Chef Association here in the Rio Grande Valley Chapter.

Ravelo told Texas Border Business that at the moment he is trying to maintain his catering business and grow it little by little, however he has plants to bring new products on the taco side.

In addition, he also has plans to bring an organic taco to the public. He said that be has been planning it for the last year “We started out with the organic, blue, and orange tortilla. That’s one of the things that’s going to make a difference in our taco” he said.

Cornerstone Catering has been in the business for ten years and offers delicious food that always leaves people coming back for more.

For more information, you can see his video on YouTube by googling Cornerstone Catering.


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June 2024

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